CleanGrow Nutrient Water Analyser

CleanGrow’s nutrient water analyser allows for the rapid, easy and simultaneous measurement of up to six nutrients. Whether you are in the field or in a lab, CleanGrow’s portable nutrient analyser combines the intuition of a smartphone with advanced sensor technology to get lab quality results on the spot.

Choose up to six from the following seven plant nutrients: calcium, chloride, potassium, sodium, ammonium, magnesium and nitrate.

  • Simultaneous calibration of all six sensors in under 60 seconds
  • Fast readouts of all six nutrient ppm values at once in 30 seconds or less
  • Intuitive iPhone, iPad, or iPod software interface over Bluetooth LE
  • IOS App free to download
  • Ability to record and review date, time, location, co-ordinates and notes for every sample
  • E-mail results in Excel format

Calibration of all six sensors in less than 60 seconds

Measure all six ions in a sample in less than 20 seconds


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IOS App interacting with multi-ion probe via Bluetooth LE
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