HortiMaX Ektron III Sensor

  • Instant CO2 Measurements, So No Measuring Delays
  • Energy Efficient
  • Minimal Maintenance and Easy to Use

Creating the ideal greenhouse climate requires accurate and reliable measurements of various environmental parameters. The HortiMaX Ektron III C instantly measures the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in your greenhouse with the utmost precision. The Ektron III is available in two models: The Ektron III, which houses a combined temperature and humidity sensor, and the Ektron III C, which is also fitted with a CO2 sensor.

Latest Generation of Electronic Humidity Sensor

Many growers use dry-and-wet bulb sensors to take accurate humidity measurements. A major drawback of this type of sensor is that it needs frequent maintenance. The Ektron III is, however, equipped with one of the most advanced electronic humidity sensors currently available and requires only a minimum of maintenance.

Ektron III Passes Toughest Test with Flying Colours

The Austrian ÖKD calibration service is one of the most reputable organisations for testing measuring equipment in Europe and responsible for the Austrian RV standard. The Austrian calibration service subjected the Ektron III to an official ÖKD test for measuring equipment. The Ektron III passed the test with flying colours – remaining well within the required temperature and humidity specifications. The test showed that the sensor unit continues to operate at peak performance – even in extreme low temperature or high humidity conditions. As a result, the Ektron III was awarded the highest possible certificate – traceable to the SI, the International System of Units.

Reliable Measurements, Low Maintenance

The sensor unit is low maintenance and does not need fluids or other substances to provide reliable measurements. Replacing the Ektron III measuring probes with newly calibrated ones once a year ensures that the sensor unit continues to take highly accurate readings and meet the most stringent quality requirements. This is so easy that you can do it yourself, so you will not have to call in an engineer.

Instant CO2 Measurements

The Ektron III C is equipped with a CO2 sensor that was specially developed for HortiMaX. This enables the unit to take precise and stable CO2 measurements over a long period of time, which is a significant advantage over conventional CO2 sensors. Since the unit has no measuring tubes, the Ektron III C can be installed anywhere and provides instantaneous readings. This also ensures that the unit continues to operate reliably by eliminating problems such as faulty measuring tubes or a full condensation reservoir.

Ektron III for Energy Efficiency and Accurate Control

Research has shown that accurate humidity and temperature readings can significantly lower greenhouse gas consumption. This means that the HortiMaX Ektron III will help you to achieve the optimum greenhouse climate at the lowest possible energy costs. By instantly measuring the CO2 level in a glasshouse block, the reading is immediately available for CO2 control. This enables CO2 enrichment to be performed with much greater efficiency.

Hortimax Ektron III
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