Steel Guttering

Steel gutters are rolled on-site with a transportable roll-forming machine. In this way, gutters can be produced in one continuous run to the entire length of the row. One of the greatest benefits of having a continuous-length gutter is that there are no seams where water leaks, corrosion or water stagnation can occur. Steel gutters are strong, and because of this, they can span greenhouse bays of up to five meters. This enables the gutter to be hung from the greenhouse roof structure at intervals equal to the bay width.

Various cross sectional profiles are available depending on the crop type, growing media and grower preferences. Several different support methods can be used, but the most common are wire cradles and hangers that support the gutter from the greenhouse truss and provide an even fall, so water is always moving in the drainage channels.

Brackets are provided at the ends of the hanging gutters, while at the lower end, a drainage collection system is incorporated allowing all drain water to be successfully removed from the greenhouse and recycled.

Gutter Rolling
Steel Guttering with Grodan
Steel Guttering Profile System
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